The total transformation of a 20,000 s.f. dilapidated wood-framed warehouse gave this company a new home.

Ascentria (formerly Omnitronix), a general manufacturer of computer peripherals, was looking to create space for general office, administration, engineering, manufacturing, shipping and receiving. The challenge was to fit the program into a maze-like structure originally built in the 50’s and reconfigured seven times.

The solution divided the different functions up per the buildings’ additions, allowing each division its own identity and conference space. Extensive interior demolition uncovered different construction techniques that were highlighted. A heavy timber high bay was re-imagined as general office. Circular clearstory windows punctuate the perimeter and flood the space with light. Significant emphasis was placed on circulation. The corridors and stairs are celebrated with modern materials and lighting.

There are various opportunities for the departments to communicate informally. The hidden claustrophobic entrance was given new life with two-story floor to ceiling glass. Outside an aluminum bar grating bris soleil is suspended from heavy timber columns. A new ADA ramp uses blue polycarbonate as a sign of new life within.

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