CPA Signage

The client was looking for a substantial facelift of her building, which houses her accounting firm. The budget was limited. The building is distinctly dated. Both client and architect wanted to keep the design in step with the immediate context and retain the positive modern qualities the original building; something that said “Hey, come check me out!”

The solution was to provide signage that projected a modern image of what’s happening inside. The client was not afraid to veer away from standard accounting stereotypes and wanted to give the message that she was not only current with appearance, but with the tax laws.

The architect chose to use an abstract representation of an abacus for this small accounting business signage. A scrim was designed in laser cut perforated aluminum, positioned in front of eastern exposed glass storefront. This scrim provides alluring views in and out of space, while creating a place for traditional signage. Light exposure through scrim is highlighted on the building façade and also acts as a filter into the interior. Exaggerated door surround provides a heightened sense of entry and new lighting provides security and adds definition. Modern colors were chosen for exterior façade and door, and a new planter softens a space otherwise devoid of green.

The client loves the transformation. The scrim has allowed more light into the space, without pulling morning blinds completely. The signage and re-design has heightened firm’s street presence and has given the accounting firm a new awareness of who they are. The new design has most importantly given employees a great sense of a dynamic space to work in and a sense of commitment from the firm.

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