The inspiration of this project was to diversify housing options in Seattle by providing high quality, low cost, micro housing. It’s intended to provide a market driven product, with a high level of design integrity.

28 efficient micro units were designed to encourage human interaction at street level and throughout the building. Site entry is secure and identifiable. Every unit is a corner unit with large windows that run to the ceiling providing ample light. Half of the units have natural ventilation and natural light in bathrooms. Ample exterior amenity area is provided in rear yard. Central interior amenity spaces are connected to entries and a large roof deck by way of generous sky lit interior stairwells.

The building mass mediates between adjacent apartment buildings and townhomes. Each façade stands on its own and contributes to the whole. Blank walls are kept to a minimum and fenestration patterns are organized and consistent. Bay windows, recesses, and roof design all contribute to a cohesive human scale design. Project goes beyond built green certification standards.

Tenant comments:
• “Even though the unit is small and efficient, the design makes it feel bigger and more open.”
• “The large windows provide a surprising amount of light.”
• “Most tenants utilize restaurants and coffee shops for recreation space, so the unit size doesn’t bother them.”
• “Affordability is the key component, but the space design is a close second.”
• “Many tenants want to live “green” and love the fact the building is certified Built Green.”

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