Design inspired by architects, to be used by architects, is a tall order and a unique task.

This tenant improvement for the rapidly expanding MulvannyG2 group covered 60,000 s.f. on three floors in a new office complex in Bellevue, WA. The program was organized using an urban planning model. There are streets, different neighborhoods, and even a town square where everyone can gather. There are multiple locations to promote informal communications between employees from different neighborhoods. Custom open offices are organized towards the exterior. Conference rooms and the few private offices are located in-board from the windows, so natural light is abundant throughout.

A signature central stair greets you upon entering. The stair is made of natural cold rolled steel and massive fir treads that work their way down and through a three-story backlit curving scrim wall made of rusting perforated metal.

Great emphasis was given to natural materials and finishes throughout. There is concrete, cork, plate steel, fir, cast glass, carpet and tile. The workstations utilize mdf, perforated metal and a flexible steel shelving system called Unistrut. This makes reconfiguration relatively easy as team sizes and projects change. Open ceilings and drywall clouds are used in lieu of typical drop ceiling tiles and fluorescent lighting. The overall effect is a creative and vibrant loft space, enticing to employees and clients alike.

*Work performed while employed by another architect.

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