Union Bay Lofts

This progressive design can be seen from miles away for its bright use of color and bold design. Built on the historic Larson block on Eastlake Avenue in Seattle, this mixed-use urban infill project includes approximately 40,000 s.f. It offers 18 apartments, 4,000 s.f. of retail and 17,000 s.f. of parking.

The design goal was to create true loft residences in a signature property. The design maximizes views, light and air into and out of every unit, while holding the noise levels from the street and I-5 at bay. The solution links two buildings together to form a central north/south oriented courtyard above a commercial and parking base.

Each two-story unit has concrete floors, heavy timber construction, several multi-story spaces, and windows on two sides allowing for natural ventilation. Materials and detailing throughout are industrial in nature, drawing on the immediate context of I-5 and the shipping canal.

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